Survival Fishing Without a Rod or Reel!

Fish are one of the easiest sources of survival food imaginable.

In virtually any season, in any region, fish are there for the taking.

You just have to know how and have the right tools.

In this case, the fisherman is using an aluminum soda can, line, a strip of packing tape, bobber, weight, swivel and hook.

The bait he uses are night-crawlers, but really, with this “emergency” set-up, any bait would do.

While you have to have the packing tape, you can improvise the bobber and hook and fishing line and aluminum soda cans are almost present near any body of water (unfortunately.)

In a survival situation, this awesome improvised get-up could at least get you dinner.

To see how to do it, check out the video on the next page.


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