Survival First Aid: How To Dress And Care For Wounds

The longer a survival situation lasts, the greater the chances of getting injured. This is particularly true if you are in a SHTF moment, when chaos abounds and all normalcy is out the window.

If that happens, your ability to treat yourself or those with you becomes a major priority – sick or injured folks do not perform at peak ability, no matter how hard they try and that jeopardizes everyone involved.

A person lost in the wilderness with a broken leg or trauma, for example, sees their chances of survival greatly reduced and if they are part of a team, they become a constant burden and source of worry for everyone else.

At the very least, they are a drain on needed resources and energy.

One way to reduce the chances of that happening, given injuries do occur, is to make sure you know how to treat basic injuries and on the next page, we show you how.


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