Survival Experts Are Telling Us to ‘Stop Believing This Garbage’


There is a ton of information available on nearly every interest or topic. Thanks to the wide internet access availability and easy self-publishing tools, nearly anyone can share their knowledge with everyone. And while it truly is a wonderful thing that we have a ton of access to valuable information on nearly every personal interest we have, but that doesn't mean everything we read (videos, social media posts, and blog posts) is equal of value.

When it comes to potentially life-saving information, it's important to find the most accurate and relevant information. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what information is the most reliable, but we got a small list of survival tips you should ignore according to some survival experts.

When it comes to useful tips, you should always use common sense and research the legitimacy of the source. There are many tips and useful information from everyday survivalists, but some well-meaning folks may unknowing share information that's either irrelevant or dangerous.

We're about to share some things experts caution against in case of an emergency. Let's take a closer look at the tips you should ignore.

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  1. James Pallasch said:

    Common sense and situational awareness must be paramount if you are to survive! Not all situations are going to be cut and dried, by the book, and therefore you must be aware of what is transpiring around you at all times! I am in favor of staying put and relying on the safety of the tribe concept. Unless you are in a very safe, easily defended, remote bug out hideaway, assembling a tribe is the only way to go. There are far too many reasons in favor of increasing your numbers. Also allow yourself some latitude to adjust your plans should someone come up with a new and better idea. Never close your mind to the ideas of others who may know more than your group.