Survival Experts Are Saying ‘Stop Believing This Garbage’

survival shelter

Are you are prepped and ready to go? Sure. You’ve read it all, watched the videos, and have been survivor training for months or years. What’s more, that bug-out bag is well-equipped, standing by to be picked up when the sirens start wailing. You may even have a shelter waiting for you somewhere, ready to be inhabited should a crisis occur.

This is good if it is planned out well and you really know what you are doing. Yet, motivated as you are, you may want to take a few steps back and reassess a few things.

Although some of the principals are the same, when you take that step to bug-out it’s not like you are investing in a week-long camping trip. You are picking up and moving yourself, your family, and leaving all that you own behind. Are you really ready to do that?

Do you think bugging-in might be a better way? There are advantages, including familiarity. The last thing you and your family need to do is run head-long into a situation where, during a SHTF scenario, you are hiking into unfamiliar territory, not know what is around the next corner.

Simply put, there is a lot of “garbage” out there that a prepper will believe, simply because an odd periodical tells him or her that it’s true.

What we need is common sense during a crisis and the information on the next page may have you reconsidering your plans and how you plan to conduct yourself when the world or just your backyard is thrown into a crisis.

Go over, read it carefully, and get your head on straight.

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  1. Steven Bevier said:

    So some unspecified “survival expert” is telling us to not listen to other “survival experts”? Interesting.

  2. Ryan Blodgett said:

    it depends on the circumstance its best to be prepared to do either bug out or bug in to limit yourself is not prepared

  3. John G. Bailey said:

    Someone told me “make your plan. Use your plan” so despite people telling thisbn that everyrthing i tell others is of knowledge i have learned. A good amount i did on my own. Some i read up on and it made sense.

  4. John Karuza said:

    Applying common sense and war gaming possible scenarios would be my though process.

  5. Woden Muninn said:

    How about less click bait then. I’ve grown tired of having to wait for the ads to generate before I click next on your pages.

  6. Michael Haggard said:

    Yeah, but also notice that it didn’t mention that most plans of government are that if the “governmental breakdown” occurs, their are talking about the federal government, in which case, a form of regional martial law occurs with the same leaders (those still alive) in command.
    Just so long as there is communication available (always was a top priority because people like yo know what is going on.