Survival Awareness: A Skill You CANNOT Live Without

man holding a map in the wilderness

In any survival situation or SHFT moment, no matter how well prepared you are, your state of mind and degree that you have practiced your survival skills are critical.

This is particularly true if the situation you are facing poses danger to you, your property or family; that danger could come in any variety of forms: environmental threats, weather danger, sickness, or even from your local community if civil unrest breaks out.

Faced with those or other survival situations or SHTF moments, situational awareness, anticipating trouble and being able to react or knowing how to avoid it could very well be a life saver.

At best, knowing your surroundings will ensure you are prepared for the moment when it arrives.

On the next page, we discuss the various levels of situational awareness and what you need to know to ensure your reaction is appropriate to the reality you face.

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