Survival Antibiotics That Could Save Your Life

Getting sick is never any fun, but in a survival situation it can be deadly!

An infection can fester, grow into something deadly or so hobble you that functioning normally becomes impossible.

That is why a prepared survivalist will use all the tools at their avail and that includes in this case, arming themselves with a critical knowledge of common antibiotics.

Antibiotics are the true “wonder-drug” of the last 150 years.

While they have become over-prescribed, when used properly, they can knock out almost any infection in days.

In a survival situation, however, you may not have access to a doctor. That is why it is critical, if possible, to have a supply of common antibiotics, legally, on hand, or at least have access to them.

On the next page, we cover common antibiotics and what they are used for.


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  1. James Taylor said:

    My question is how to get them legally? I mean I have occasionally gotten them when sick. But, when I have finished taking the regiment they are all gone! I used to be able to get them at the fish store, ( they were in pill form and used on fish ailments). But, the fish stores have even stopped caring them in pill form. What to do???