Survival Antibiotics Every Survival Cache Must Have


A survival cache has to cover as many conceivable survival needs as possible.

One often overlooked need is the treatment for internal infections and illness; for those, only a well-stocked supply of antibiotics will do.

There are a few reasons keeping a stock of antibiotics is more difficult than purchasing most other survival materials or supplies, but once you work out how and how to use them, you can get access to most common antibiotics without much hassle.

As always, you should adhere to all governing laws and regulations pertaining to the procurement, use and storage of any antibiotics you purchase.

Once you have that worked out, however, what to buy presents a challenge as well; some antibiotics are just simply not worth the expenditure or effort due to cost, availability, longevity or effectiveness.

We cover a list of common antibiotics you should have in your survival supply cache on the next page!

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