Surprisingly Enough, Learn About 3 Animals That May Do More Harm Than Good to a Person Who Eats Them in the Wild

pan fish


There are certain foods a people can hunt that are really good for them. The meat is lean, delicious, and, along with salads and other foodstuffs can make for a satisfying meal while keeping the fat and calories down. In this day and age, that is a health blessing and we admit that is good for survival training too.

However, in the long run – when a crisis situation hits and food becomes scares – there are some “healthy” entrees a hunter might want to pass on in lieu of another higher in calories and protein.

Again, right now you may be eating some great food, keeping yourself I shape, but you also have more than enough provisions to supplement the meal.

Later, that may not be a fact.

After the break, go to the next page and check on some interesting information about three animals that may do you more harm than good in the wild.

We want to eat and many hunters may think anything they can catch will go far in filling their families up and making them strong but that is not necessarily true! Go check it out!

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  1. Tony Barone said:

    You would have to be in a pretty desperate situation to limit your diet to all rabbits, and a whole bunch of stuff could fit into the “not enough caloric return” category. If you can get protein, get protein.

  2. Wendell Pye said:

    bullshit. if you are in trouble eat anything you can. being selective is only for fancy people that will die soon

  3. Michael Perkins said:

    My boys catch them all the time. They taste good? I figured they would be more boney than they are worth.

  4. Richard Benson said:

    Absolutely agree but we also need a semi-balanced diet for long term survival… For short term and just to feel full people have been known to mash and bowl tree bark simply so they don’t feel hungry.

  5. R Mike Frederick said:

    virtually any naturally obtained single plant or animal, eaten exclusively, would eventually lead to deficiencies. A person in a survival situation should eat (or store) anything and everything they can find or catch, as long as it is not poisonous. You mainly need to get enough energy to clear the next hurdle. Worry about balance when you have that luxury.

  6. Ronnie Gray said:

    You can’t live on protein alone you need good fats also I love rabbit and fish and deer quail I am a hunter

  7. Michael Balafas said:

    This is beyond stupid. Oh I’m out on the land but I’m not gonna eat this here fish cause it doesn’t contain enough nutrients

  8. Jay Lew said:

    We live on the coast….a 40# rockfish would feed my family for two days. Who hunts squirls and rabbits anyway??? I trap them….

  9. Zoi Gauna said:

    This is the 15th time this year you have posted this bullshit article. Not to mention half the things you post now are click-bait.

  10. Steve Quinn said:

    totally disagree on bluegill only reason it’s listed is because of the belief that it doesn’t have many calories but when you literally could catch 50-100 in a couple hours you could easily get your daily calorie intake, or set nets that require little or no effort to passively fish.

  11. Jason Mays said:

    Educate yourself on the dietary needs of your body vs what is found in your area in carbs, protein , vitamins, ect.

  12. Jayme Menton said:

    You are not going to be eating 4000 calories if we have the world shuts down

  13. Mike Bryant said:

    I dissagree as long as your eating some type of vegetables and other sources of protien (deer, rabit, squirrel, birds, snakes, gators) i think you would be ok. In a survival situation very rarely are you going to get you daily intake that you need that why its called “survival”. Some days you may just eat vegetables and not eat any protiens. Only the skilled will survive. And sooner or later the deer, rabbit and squirrels will disapear from over hunting and hunting in the months they breed and have young for next season. You better know how to plant a good garden for when meat is scarce.

  14. Mike Bryant said:

    Oh they are great eating. You can fillet or cut the head off, remove guts, remove scales and cut criss cross on body making squares bread and fry, when done the squares pull right off the bone. Less waste that way. Very tasty little fish

  15. Mike Bryant said:

    Dont ever let anybody tell you dont eat that because its not enough protein in survival eat whatever you can catch, trap, shoot might be difference between life and death

  16. Jamie Alexander Deak said:

    Exactly, you find a pond full of these and gather some edible plants, which are everywhere you’ll be good to go for a while as you scout for future places of interest. You’d become nomadic traveling to different food hotspots but these fish are easy to prepare, cut the head fit it fry it then slide all the meat right off the bones and compost the bones for you garden of you find a large enough supply of necessities in one area