Supplements Needed on Hand to Treat Radiation Sickness When SHTF

supplement powder

As a survivalist, you likely already have put together a bug out shelter and have packed a lot of food, gear, and the ideal bug out bag. But have you thought to include supplies that will combat nuclear radiation?

Most people have not packed the supplies that are necessary in the case of having to deal with radiation related illness. However, with the on-going risk of nuclear attack from several countries, knowing what supplements to pack that'll combat the effects of radiation sickness could help you stay alive.

Plus, a survivalist should also be prepared for the chance of a nuclear meltdown at a power plant as well as the threat of radiation happening from natural sources too.

Through the years we've been reminded of this reality when instances such as Fukushima plant in Japan took place. The radiation streamed all the way to the west coast in the U.S.! Situations like this can happen, and it's up to you to be prepared for them.

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