Sunfish and Why They are the Ideal Source of Food in a Survival Game


If you spend anytime at all on this web site, you know the critical importance we place on being able to catch fish as part of your basic set of survival skills.

Fish are present just about everywhere, just about all of them are edible and even fish you normally would not consider eating in a normal situation, can be a life-saving source of protein, energy and nutrients in a survival situation or SHTF moment.

Even better, while most game is tough to stalk, quarry, kill and prepare, fish are generally easy to catch and prepare and if you do it right, requires a minimum of effort, saving precious energy you need for other survival tasks.

Among fish, one of the easiest and most prolific are “sunfish,” which include several variations of the same species and are present just about everywhere.

To learn more on how to find and catch sunfish, check out the video on the next page.

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  1. Aaron Pratt said:

    I have probably literally caught thousands of these in my life… they filet for little, bony, perch-like nuggets (released nearly all of them, mostly because of availability of bigger game fish). But they are everywhere and basically all you need is a hook and something resembling food (worms, corn kernels, hot dog bits, rubber baits, spinners, etc.), keeping in mind they have very tiny mouths. They are so aggressive and curious I’ve provoked them to bite my fingers and toes hanging off the dock many, many times.

  2. Ryan James Steinka said:

    He say keep in mind they have very tiny mouths then goes on to say he has had them bite his finger and toes. Must have very tiny feet and hands.