Some People Are Reporting That FEMA IPAWS Are Sending Out a Large Amount of Emergency Alerts

IPAWS phone alert

It would be great to exactly when each and every emergency situation will happen in the future. We aren't quite there yet, but we're getting closer. Currently, the United States has several agencies in place that have the capability to warn us when there is an event happening that could require our attention.

When there is severe weather, an AMBER alert, or a larger disaster, most people will hear about it immediately through notifications on their cell phones.

What happens, though, when these notifications happen without any cause? Not only that, but what happens when they continue to occur over and over again until we begin to panic simply because of the overwhelming frequency of the seemingly meaningless alerts?

That's exactly what happened recently when FEMA's emergency alert system when on the fritz and inundated thousands of people's phone lines with “test” messages. Learn more about this event on the next page. 

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  1. Barbara A. Davis said:

    I have been seeing an awful lot of emergency broadcasting texts on my phone and television I thought there’s been a lot more than usual

  2. Mark Keane said:

    Ryan Edward why not lol I wish I was born there. Always have.

  3. Daniel Fischer said:

    I used to live in California.. All the neighboring states hate Cali. It was bad enough that I wouldn’t let on that I was from there unless someone saw my license plate or I had to show my ID. When I moved to the east coast it was totally different. 3000 miles away people here all think California is amazing.. and everyone dreams of going there..

    The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Although in my case it was, as the east coast sees far more precipitation than the western desert. But I digress. People here only see whats on tv. If they lived nearby they’d realize that the place is full of self absorbed asshats too busy enjoying the aroma of their own farts to realize they’re stinking up the place. =P Enjoy what you have, because pining for something out of reach will always lead to disappointment.

  4. Mark Keane said:

    I would never move to a place like Cali or New York etc. I want to move to a small town some place like Kansas. Work all week. Go hunting at weekends. Build a bomb shelter and be a prepped lol

  5. Tanya Hall said:

    I downloaded the FEMA app for my iPhone. It will not open, it won’t let me delete it, it is greyed out as though it needs updated but yet I keep Getting notifications from it. Anyone else having similar issues or any suggestions?

  6. Marc Black said:

    Every where FEMA goes, there is always action that is about to happen, I will never trust them.

  7. Chris L Banta said:

    I’m born and raised Californian, the sane part away from the ocean. And Daniel is very right about the majority that live here. The closer to the ocean, the worse people are.

  8. Mark Keane said:

    Trust me. Compared to the United Kingdom you guys are in paradise and I’m jealous of you every day. They are even classing right wing political parties over here as terrorist if they speak up against Islam and terrorist attacks lol

    It’s nuts.