Sneaky Snare Traps That’ll Help a Prepper Survive During Doomsday

apache foot trap

If the idea of trapping an innocent animal on your own makes you queasy, you can always eat all those things you’ve canned and bagged since you’ve been prepping.

However after a while, if whatever disaster the world is facing goes on for years, you will need to find food — and those innocent little critters will start looking real good!

Learn now how to trap and even if you do not think you will immediately use the skill you will have it in your survivor arsenal for later.

Now, for those of you who are seasoned hunters, you can also go over to the next page and get some more ideas – learn how to make some new traps – and you will be the on-call hunter for your family and friends.

Remember, bartering the meat you caught in your traps could easily be a must for those who are not in the know like you! Check out several sneaky survival snaps you should learn how to use after the break.

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  1. Thomas Fruge said:

    Better remember where you made that hole. Irony would be if you forget and your the one who stepped into it.

  2. Bob Howard said:

    Bunji sticks angled at 60 degrees…bamboo but any hardwood will work…any dung will have same effect as human.

  3. Steven Bizmark said:

    That’s one’s OK The Best One Has A Step In It So It Gos Pass The Top Of The boots