Seven Things to Scavenge From Cars When Doomsday Arrives


Post-collapse, one reality is that there will be a ton of abandoned vehicles due to the severity of an earthquake, hurricane, EMP, or another SHTF event.

Abandoned vehicles can provide a lot of survival materials, tools, and more that people can use to their advantage. However, before taking all that you can from a car that's no longer being used, it's important to make sure it actually has been abandoned. Never take things from a car unless you've established that it has been left and no one is coming back for it.

After you have confirmed that the car is abandoned there is an endless amount of supplies you can re-purpose for survival use.

Some of these items may include mirrors, hoses, ropes, shoes, bags, and whatever else the people left behind. Use these supplies to your advantage and add them to your survival stash because either now or in the future these items will come in handy.

To find out what type of supplies and parts you can salvage from an abandoned vehicle, check out the next page. 

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  1. Steve Schaut said:

    Why is it that no one considers anything that can be used as a heat exchanger (like the radiator, heater core, air conditioner evap and condenser coils) to be of any value?

  2. Shea Manning said:

    ill be draining engine oil and transmission fluid to run in my truck for fuel 😀

  3. Tim Stack said:

    the hoses, the radiator, the heater core, the hub caps, endless supplies from cars

  4. Ryan Devereux said:

    This article just tells the obvious. I’m with you Steve. The Good stuff is under the hood. You Can do a lot with a battery and an alternator.

  5. Charlie Eaton said:

    Not really. Water will move by convection just like air. And a gravity fed system with aa radiator up high in the sun would give usable hot water with not pump.

  6. Ryan Thomas Powell said:

    i do not know whats more frightening …..shtf actually occurring or the fact that there are people in this world so dumb that they actually need to be told these things in order to survive…if this article enlightens you…you are the rest of the human civilizations lunch people…just saying..