Serious Trauma? Here’s What a Prepper Needs to Know if Someone Sustains a Life-Threatening Injury!

wound kit

At no point in a person's life are they more at risk for serious injury than in the midst or in the aftermath of a survival incident.

Virtually no matter the crisis, the dangers of serious injury rise exponentially during a survival crisis, if for no other reason then everything a person knows, everything they are familiar with, changes.

That tree that has been growing since a person's childhood could have a branch ready to break. Water crossing a roadway or a murky puddle could hide a cavern washed out in the midst of a torrential downpour. Debris with jagged edges can be everywhere, even where you may not expect it.

The dangers are everywhere and that means you have to know how to treat injuries, including traumatic, bleeding injuries.

On the next page, we cover what to do if someone sustains a life-threatening injury that includes profuse bleeding.

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  1. Thomas Whitten said:

    In many communities, there are places that provide free training on dealing with life-threatening injury. I would encourage everyone reading this to find a place and take the course at least once a year to stay fresh on procedures. Start with the fire department, then boy scouts, then the library. You can find one if you look.

  2. Terry Peake said:

    Sadly. In most countries it’s not free. However, you get what you pay for. Find one run by paramedics and not doctors.