Say Good Riddance to Wasps Using a Brown Paper Bag


Just how smart is a wasp? They seem to have two goals in life: 1) building a nest. 2) Terrifying the heck out of anyone who comes near it!

Think about it. What is a wasp good for? It is not like they are bees, giving us sweet tasting honey. They are just nasty, moody creeps that will sting the hell out of you if given half a chance.

We bring this up because, for the most part, we just do not want them around the house. They are dangerous to our family and hurt. But what can we do to get rid of them? There are always the conventional ways, using wasp spray or setting your home on fire (just kidding) — but we think we’ve found a better way!

Go over to the next page and view a video that shows you a very simple way to keep wasps away from your home, bug-out shelter, or even your standing camp if you feel they will be a problem in your home!

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