PVC Pipe: The Ultimate Survival Tool?

plastic pipes PVC

PVC pipe is ubiquitous to our everyday existence.

It is the primary piping used in sprinkler systems, household plumbing, even as framing for some temporary structures.

Durable and flexible, PVC piping is a primary component of most new construction and any renovations or remodeling that is done to existing homes and buildings.

Because it is so prevalent and versatile, it is virtually an unparalleled survival resource.

In a survival situation, PVC piping has almost as many applications and in a dire survival situation, it is readily handy, particularly if you encounter abandoned houses or buildings.

PVC piping can be used for the aforementioned framing of shelter, as a water carrier, fishing rod, bow, water filtration device and much, much more.

To see 17 uses for PVC piping that will make your survival existence much more livable, check out the video on the next page.

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