Prioritizing Disaster Response Priorities

city destroyed

Prioritizing your survival tasks to meet your individual survival needs is critical to making sure you last throughout.

Here are the first three things, after being able to breathe, you should focus on during or after a disaster – and in the order, you should focus on them!

Shelter- Whether be a simple as a tarp or as complex as a collapsible tent, just having a barrier between you and extreme outdoor elements is crucial. While most people are aware that you can die from prolonged exposure to extreme cold, they do not realize that their bodies lose heat twenty five percent faster when wet, so staying out of the rain is important to avoid hypothermia as it only takes 40 degrees with wind and rain to set in.

Water- If you drink the wrong water you run the risk of various bacterial and viral infections that can lead to death. In order to remove visible contaminants, you can use cloth or coffee filters to remove dirt and other harmful sediments. There are several methods to ensure however, that your water is also safe from micro-organisms and bacteria that can cause problems. Boiling your water is the most common and effective way to kill unwanted water inhabitants.

Food- Your best food sources for surviving a disaster will be food you can identify as safe and nutritious before gathering and preparing. While the amino acids and proteins of meats are important to your bodily functions, it will also be easy and productive for you to know which foods you can gather rather than just hunt. For instance the roots, shoots, and pollen heads of cattails are edible. The inner bark of conifer trees, known as the cambium layer, is full of sugars, starches and calories.

That probably sounds simple, but many go about their survival priorities the wrong way; they focus on getting water above shelter or fixate on food to the detriment of the other two.

By prioritizing all your tasks based on those three groups, you will ensure that in virtually every case, you have what you need as you need it to give yourself a survival edge!

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