Prepper Priorities From Creek Stewart: Deciding Whether Eating Well or Sleeping Well is More Important

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In our day-to-day lives, many of us will gladly choose eating over sleeping. We have a far more regular eating schedule, and very often find ourselves up later than we should be, wolfing down snacks in front of the television, knowing full well that getting up in the morning is going to be a chore.

To energize ourselves throughout the day, we continue to eat, and eat, and eat, when all we really needed for sufficient energy was a good night's sleep. Of course, both are necessary.

We need food to survive, and we need sleep to survive (annoying though it is). Choosing between the two can be difficult at times. It's a constant psychological and physical battle, but when you find yourself in a survival situation, you very quickly realize that you will not always be able to maintain a constant balance between the two.

Learning to read your body's telltale signs of whether you should eat or sleep is a valuable skill to have, and one that takes time and trial-and-error to perfect.

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