Prepper BS to Stop Feeding Into Now… Before it’s too Late

Post apocalyptic survivor in gas mask

When it comes to hypothetical situations of when the grid goes down and SHTF, many people really have no idea when it will take place. Whether it has come from literature or pop culture has reinforced it through the years, everyone has their own theory.

Take a moment and consider all of the books that have been about a Doomsday scenario or a favorite post-apocalyptic TV show. Also, that doesn't even include the many fears that most people have when they think about a collapse.

The reality is when people take the time to consider these far-fetched theories, they may find out that some of them are absolute BS.

To find out what are myths and what prepper tips are real, survivalists should consider the following assumptions.

After the break learn the answer to what many think are true and learn how to tell the difference between prepper truth and fiction. 

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  1. David Dathe said:

    Extremely interesting article which challenges faulty assumptions about the end of the world scenarios. Surviving is more than having the best gear or hoarding food and water, it’s also realistic planning.

  2. Fred Horn said:

    I agree totally! If you are bugging out before or after shtf, it better be a community thing.

  3. Peter Hutchins said:

    Short article,well, if it weren’t for endless ads, next page for this and that etc.

  4. Peter Hutchins said:

    Opiate withdrawal on an epic scale, diabetics dying, and Lord knows how many countless other people die from prescription meds that keep them alive.

  5. Ruben Gonzalez said:

    Here’s one, don’t believe the hype that in a societal collapse, that everyone is going to revert to cannibal rape monsters.

  6. Viktor Kovalyov said:

    I think the hype people buy into would be more so in an extreme case like say a nuclear holocaust. But for the most part I agree on many of these points and that would be the most likely scenarios to face, short of a nuclear exchange or global pandemic.

  7. Ivah Onstott said:

    Not everyone. But people will do monstrous things to feed their children. And if they are already terrible people before a collapse; they will be even worse after.

  8. Ruben Gonzalez said:

    Ivah Onstott that’s is a fair point. I’m saying that we have examples in the not so distant past where collapses of government have seen people immediately band together within hours. Bottom line is it’s either you can live alone in the woods, a tough feat for even the best survivalist, or get with the program with other survivors. We’re social animals and when it gets ugly we pull together. Think, you’re not banding with random survivors, it’ll be your neighbors, or worse, your neighbors are dead and you have to band together with walking wounded.