Preparing for Survival in an Apartment – Some Things to Consider!

small kitchen apartment

Living in an urban area likely means you live in a condominium or an apartment.

During any survival incident, that reality poses challenges unto itself.

Once stuff starts happening, evacuation in most urban areas is difficult, if not impossible.

The larger numbers of people mean everything from infrastructure to food supplies are stressed – almost immediately.

Of course, there is also those who reside everywhere but are more densely contained in populated areas – predators who look to take advantage wherever they find it.

Those hard facts mean preparing for a survival incident is even more important in the City than in other places.

But where? Most city dwellings do not have an abundance of space or multiple routes of escape if things get truly bad.

To read up on what you can do to start preparing for a survival incident if you live in the city, check out the next page.

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