Preparing For An Emergency When You Have A Medical Condition

Being a survivalist, you’ve probably taken a lot of things into consideration. You have your foods and water stored, you've considered all your options for growing vegetables and sustainable living options, and your emergency kit has its basic supplies like a radio, batteries, flashlights and first aid supplies.

However, what few people think about is their medications and medical preparedness when it comes to emergency situations.

Ask yourself…. Do you have enough medication to last you should chaos keep you from getting a maintenance medication? What do you do if you have weekly treatments? So many questions … But do you have all of the answers?

On page two please see a list of medical considerations should disaster strike. You can never be too prepared when the grid goes down or a natural disaster occurs!

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  1. Justin Sibilsky said:

    Any tips on survival for diabetics?
    My fiance is type 1 diabetic and needs insulin or she will die.

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