Potential Disasters That Could Result in a Year or More Without Experiencing Summer

summer written in the sand beach

Growing up on the East Coast of the USA, in the late 80's, there was one summer that seemed to be on an extended vacation.

May seemed like April, June like May, July seemed like a cold version of June, and so on.

It evoked in my grandparents remembrances of another year when summer seemed to never quite show up – in the 1920's – which made them reminisce about stories they had heard from their grandparents about the “Year without Summer.”

That year, 1816, was severely impacted by a “Volcanic Winter” when Mount Tambora, located in Indonesia, erupted.

The ash from this massive eruption literally clouded the Sun and prevented normal summer like Temperatures from arriving.

Predictably, that affected food growth, which led to major food shortages.

So you can have fallout from a natural disaster without even being in proximity to it.

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