Post-Collapse People Will Only Need 4 Antibiotics to Get By. #4 is Especially Important!


Most people who are preparing for a collapse are always focusing on stockpiling new and different items to make sure they are ready for whatever comes their way.

That's why in addition to stockpiling water, food, tools, and weapons, it's also vital to include antibiotics.

Having the right type of antibiotics at some point or another may be critical to your survival, especially when a doctor or medical help is not available. It's hard to know what antibiotics are most important, however, but soon we'll clear that up for you.

Knowing what type of antibiotics are most crucial is important because not every illness will require medication post-collapse.

It may take some planning to ensure these antibiotics end up in your bug out bag, but it'll certainly be worth it when someone seriously becomes ill during a SHTF moment that's long-term.

To learn about four antibiotics that are important to add to your stockpile and why, please head on over to the next page.

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  1. Brad Kidd said:

    Got a boat load of penicillin plus a flagyl, and cipro. And topical benadryl, I’ll never go camping without it.

  2. Steven Featherkile said:

    I disagree on Ciprofloxen. It can cause damage to connective tissue like tendons and ligaments. For that reason, avoid all of the floxens. Nit mentioned were the tetracyclines. Though highly useful, they rapidly turn toxic after their expiration date. Also, they can’t be used in children as they will turn developing teeth black before they erupt.

  3. Corey Garrard said:

    Right now you can buy fish antibiotics online or pet store without prescription but in January the law will change and you will need a prescription

  4. Jeffrey Lytle said:

    And just how do we go by acquiring these aside from saving old prescriptions

  5. Novem Rainman said:

    You do know that mother nature has way better ways right. Honey for one is not only a antibiotic but also a prebiotic(feeds beneficial bacteria). One of the many of thousands of cures nature has

  6. Novem Rainman said:

    Plus regardless of how many antibiotics you buy they will run out or expire eventually which makes them impossible to even store them for end of world scenarios.

  7. Jeff Gallup said:

    Good post..i was about to say a nurse once told me about a patient that took expired “well past expiration date” antibiotics and ended up hospitalized for close to a year. I remember this because i was in the hospital at the time bitching because i was there for 3 months with pnuemonia. Dangerous stuff to take expired antibiotics.

  8. Steven F. Scharff said:

    Prescriptions will be needed for veterinary and agriculture antibiotics. I don’t think this applies to fish antibiotics.

  9. Kris Stuhlmiller said:

    Sadly my doctor retired, when I went to him I told him that I was a “kinda prepper” after that he always gave me 10 refills on every prescription I needed. It was great, now to find another like minded doc.

  10. Brian Ocker said:

    Coliadial silver. Does it all. Can make at home. Or buy at gnc. 1 teaspoon daily. I make my own.

  11. Carol Baize said:

    try oil of oregano, no prescription needed. Take like drops a day.

  12. John Scott said:

    Your Dr can’t prescrib them to by in a US pharmacy, you have to find another way unfortunately.

  13. Roy Menefee said:

    You buy fish antibiotics. Same as human. Research this and do it quickly. Laws on buying these changes Ja.1, 2017. You can buy from Camping Survival on line.

  14. Yvette Rose said:

    I am curious about why people don’t seem to think about original medicines?