Planning a Bug out Vehicle Load Prior to a Survival Situation

roof rack storage

Your bug-out vehicle, whether it is a specially designated vehicle or your regular, daily form of transportation, is one of the most important aspects of your survival arsenal.

Since the vast majority of likely survival events ultimately require some form of evacuation, that vehicle is worth its weight in gold to you and your family.

But while you have mapped out everything you need in a survival kit, have you mapped out how you will pack your vehicle?

A few or the really prepared have tested their bug-out load, but for most of us, the best answer we can give is “sort of.”

Given the importance of that vehicle, not knowing exactly what it can carry and where to store survival materials is insane!

To see what you need to do to ensure your vehicle can carry all your gear and store it in an organized manner, check out the tips on the next page.

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  1. Brandon E Cloud said:

    And go where? Stay home idiots its your safest choice. If things get that bad you won’t be safe in the mountains either.

  2. Mike Kelly said:

    Versatility is the key to surviving changing conditions. Sometimes it’s better to stay put, sometimes staying put is a death sentence and you have to move. You would be wise to plan for both scenerios.