Pemmican: What Makes it the Ultimate Survival Food



Just like dieters, survivalists and preppers are all looking for the best foods to eat when they need them most!

As a dieter, we would all love to have the perfect food; something tasty we can eat every day that is not just good for us but can help us lose weight! As a survivalist, we are looking for something nutritionally sound, has calories, protein, carbs, and includes vitamins and minerals!

While Pemmican may not be the most delicious of foods it is certainly a perfect survival food! And, let’s face it, when you are struggling to survive, while taste can be important, your body is going to need what supports it.

It is also nice to know that Pemmican keeps for a long time. If done right, it will be palatable and stay in storage for years!

After the break, go to the next page and read up on Pemmican and how to make it. This really is a must for any prepper’s shelf!

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  1. Jason Saari said:

    Is that the crap under my carpet? Huh all this time i had no idea

  2. Dan Rapacki said:

    If you know how to dry out meat and berries, you are good to go. But if you$#%&!@*it up, you will not like it so much