Pemmican – The Ultimate Survival Food


Pemmican is one of those amazing “super” foods that is easy to make, lightweight, compact and very high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

If correctly made, it has a shelf life of a few years up to a lifetime and can be stored in almost any environment without going bad.

Invented by Native Americans and later used by trappers, cowboys and virtually anyone out in the wilderness of the old West, Pemmican in many cases was not only the only food available, but it was also a life-saver.

Pemmican is lean, dried beef that gets crushed into a powder and mixed with hot, rendered fat. Make Pemmican with any meat, but the favorites are beef, venison, and pork.

If you're talented enough, it'll come out tasty (well as tasty as pemmican can get, anyway)

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  1. Shawn Grossnickle said:

    I remember making this stuff as a boyscout. It sure has tons of calories for you but it is really NASTY tasting! lol Good info tho. Thanks! for posting.

  2. Carlos Lott said:

    Cameron, if you are in a life or death situation, and wouldn’t eat this because it could cause cancer OK by the way the people who are with you will have plenty of energy to dig your grave after you die from starving. Maybe getting cancer is a far better idea than absolutely dying of starvation.

  3. John Allen said:

    Native Americans at the Buffalo jumps used to make a bunch of basketball size batches and bury them all round their territory. They always had emergency food near by. Warriors use carry it, high energy food.

  4. Don Wilson said:

    I cook this you eat it! I cook this I eat it. Full meals can be dried and they may look like this and yes it is a survival type food. You can eat lots of stuff when you are really starving.

  5. Piht Quintavalle said:

    For real thought it was weed . I was wondering how the hell being more hungry would help me in a survival situation .

  6. Ron Madden said:

    We call that Carpet padding in Oklahoma, I didn’t know that some people thought it was edible.

  7. James Perry said:

    I don’t get it? If its done right it’s not a problem. It even says so. So do you run around all day telling people that if they don’t drive their car correctly they will die? That if they don’t follow instructions on on an aspirin bottle you could die? Have you emailed knife manufacturers and told them if their knives cut your jugular then you will die? I understand your concern but honestly it was covered, so I don’t get it or why you have talked down to everyone who commented. Even the guy that teaches pathogens was treated with disrespect. My advice to you is, watch out , Chicken Little! The sky is falling!

  8. Michael Setliff said:

    You would have to bena die hard survivor to eat something that looks like that.

  9. Joseph Murray said:

    I know “pemmican” isn’t a proper noun and thus isn’t capitalized, unlike whoever edits these things.