Pemmican – The Ultimate Survival Food


Pemmican is one of those amazing “super” foods that is easy to make, lightweight, compact and very high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

If correctly made, it has a shelf life of a few years up to a lifetime and can be stored in almost any environment without going bad.

Invented by Native Americans and later used by trappers, cowboys and virtually anyone out in the wilderness of the old West, Pemmican in many cases was not only the only food available, but it was also a life-saver.

Pemmican is lean, dried beef that gets crushed into a powder and mixed with hot, rendered fat. Make Pemmican with any meat, but the favorites are beef, venison, and pork.

If you're talented enough, it'll come out tasty (well as tasty as pemmican can get, anyway)

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  1. Shila Boor said:

    Its a great idea and item to have but the whole eating lard thing kind of groses me out, but im sure if i was starving I would care lol

  2. Jordan Drizz said:

    Shila Boor Mixed with everything else, you wouldn’t even really notice…i don’t think. Besides! What the hell you think BACON is? 😛

  3. Tim White said:

    Die Hard Survivor, you might want to check out the link from, “To find out how to make your first batch of Pemmican, please visit the next page” Mine came up with a virus scam message!

  4. Dennis Nagel said:

    Isn’t anything submerged in honey going to last a millennium or more?

  5. Michael Bronk said:

    Early American Native food. Made a lot of it over the years. great when hunting/camping/rock hounding

  6. Dan Knott said:

    Chuck Saine remember this when we were starting a firewood business ?