Nuclear Disasters: Being Prepared for a Radiation Emergency

nuclear waste zone

If you grew up during the Cold War and particularly in an area that was a target of any of the major players, especially for children, the prospect of a nuclear war was real and scary.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, that fear was largely forgotten, until recent events.

Now with countries like Pakistan, India and North Korea having nuclear weapons or being very close and with many thinking Iran wants one, the prospect of a nuclear detonation as part of a conflict are once again, sadly, very real.

In fact, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists maintains a “doomsday clock” that while remaining static for much of the last 20 years has repeatedly adjusted since 2000 (in part due to including global warming as part of the equation, but nuclear warfare as well).

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  1. Bruce Scherling said:

    We’re already in the middle of one from Fukushima. For five years now, they’ve been dumping 400,000 tons (not gallons) of radioactive water into the Pacific every day. And if they have an earthquake that breaches their #4 reactor, it will release from 10X – 85X the radiation of Chernobyl. And it follows the jet-stream right to North America.