NEVER Make the Following Hiking Errors – It Could Cost a Person Their Life


How often have we heard about family camping adventures turning into a disaster for no other reason than a family member goes on a hike and gets lost?

It is a sincerely sad situation but if they had been taught well, not merely relying on their superb sense of direction, that frightening moment of “I do not know where I am!” might not ever happen!

Sadly, this happens too often and people have tragically died. What we need is a good set of rules to keep hikers safe but, even before that, we need to pinpoint those errors that could cost hiker’s serious problems in the first place!

Go on over to the next page and read up on what you can do, as either an amateur or seasoned hiker, to make sure you and yours will remain safe on a day hike, night hike or any hike in-between!

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