Need to Remove a Tree Stump? Check Out This Incredible Formula and Get it Done!

epsom salt

This article more applies to homesteading, but if you are clearing a lot to construct a bug-out or survival shelter, the advice here also applies.

One of the toughest parts of managing land is to clear it for habitation.

Habitation can include clearing it for shelter or gardening or even just to create a line of sight that allows you to see visitors approaching.

Of all the aspects of clearing land, removing tree stumps ranks as one of the most consuming and labor intensive.

If the tree is of any substantial size, it can be backbreaking work that very often leaves the person removing the stump sore and frustrated.

Luckily, if you have some time, you do have options!

Epsom salts ranks as one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways of clearing stumps – on the next page, we explain how!

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  1. Mike Tornabane said:

    If you’re drilling holes anyway, fill them with mycelium mushroom plugs and have an edible supply of mushrooms!

  2. James Stealey said:

    Drive a piece of copper pipe into the stump with a hammer… it will kill the roots

  3. Michael Poteet said:

    Regular table salt will do the same thing. Only focus on the outer edge of the stump thats where the stump it still “alive”.