Navy Seals Offer Sage Advice on Proven Methods That Work in an Urban Environment

navy seal

Here is some sage advice from a man who knows. He’s Navy Seal and, honestly, if I ever find myself in a SHTF situation, these are the type of people I want to hang around with!


General Tips
First off, before we begin talking about everyday carry, there’s some general tips you need to be aware of.

For example, many Navy SEALs regularly perform habits that might seem off-base to you and me, such as taking longer to park, being picky about where they sit in crowded places, and entering buildings in weird ways. However, it’s these strategic movements that help them become more prepared.
For instance, in order to be prepared for anything, many SEALs choose to pull backward into parking spaces, rather than pulling in like normal. This way, in case they need to get away fast to catch an attacker, their car is in prime position to get them out of there.

Second, SEALs have been trained to enter buildings in a different way than you and I. For instance, they’ll typically glance around to see where all the exits are first. They may also make a sweep of the location first, looking around for objects to hide behind for protection in case a gunman starts shooting. Note: It’s incredibly important you find a place to hide in the case of a mass shooting. Find more tips on how to survive here.

Third, Navy SEALs typically won’t just sit anywhere in a restaurant, meeting, or crowded space. They’ll be very selective of where they choose to sit. For example, many SEALs find a seat where they can clearly see the front door, as well as where they can see as many people in the room as possible.
That way, if SHTF and an emergency occurs, he/she can see it as it begins, and be better prepared for how to react.

Of course, Navy SEALs carry other items in addition to the ones above.

Here’s some examples of a typical Navy SEAL’s EDC:
Smartphone and heavy duty protecting case
Headphones with built-in microphone
Super sharp survival knife
Bobby pins (surprisingly useful for getting out of handcuffs and unlocking zip ties)
Gun holster
Wallet containing ID, small bills and credit card
Medical/trauma emergency kit
Key to unlock handcuffs
Small item to remember fallen SEALs
Car keys

Many people think that urban areas are the safest places to be when SHTF; however, this is very much not the case. Urban areas are some of the most dangerous places to live in an emergency due to their high concentrations of people and widespread panic that ensues.

However, don’t let this frighten you away from your chosen home/work location; as you can see from this article, there are tons of survival tools you can have on you at all times to help protect you in an emergency.

To learn more about how the Navy Seals, not to mention you and yours, can protect yourself go over to Frog Blog. We already know that life will not be easy after chaos hits this country, with men and women being pushed into situations many are not prepared for. This is why it is so important to prep now, listen to the people who know what they are doing, and train. It may be here before we know it!

And we are not just speaking about the “end of days” but ANY life-threatening circumstance, man or weather related, that can harm. Be ready. Take advice!