Navy Seal Offers a Step-by-Stop Guide on How to Survive Drowning

how not to drown

The Navy Seals, God bless them, are the men and women you really want in your corner when it comes time to learn from the best. Basically, their lives are all about survival so any pieces of information you can gain from these brave and studied people is definitely something to store away in the memory bank!

They can even help us when it comes to drowning. None of us wants to be in the position of being attacked, possible tied up, and dumped into a body of water but that is not saying it cannot happen.

Again, we go back to the end of days, the SHTF, or any title you want to give it! Sadly, there will be a mob mentality, men and women not wanting the best for you and willing to do what it takes to get rid of you for something as basic as the supplies in your bug-out bag or home!

With this in mind, it’s time to teach yourself another survival lesson, one you may want to pass onto family members and friends.

On the following page check out the best way to save yourself from drowning, even if your hands are tied behind your back!

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  1. Greg Cooper Sr. said:

    “ROPES TIED BEHIND THEIR HANDS”???? i think you mean hands tied behind their backs with ropes???

  2. Justin Kyle said:

    Ive trained on this…its sucks a lot, and can only be done if you remain calm and mentally detach from the situation. Long periods are probably not possible.

  3. Eric Sorensen said:

    Ok, folks. There are going to be some people trying this at home. It’s not entirely safe. My recommendation is that you have at least two people assisting you if you try this. Any bindings should be tied with a half-hitch so it can easily be untied with a simple pull. Try to stay in water no deeper that you can stand up in with your head above water. Yes, I have experience with this as it was a failing point for many SEALS and they would practice it before heading back to BUDS training. BE SAFE!!!

  4. Josh Gottschalk said:

    Just remember to stay CALM, AND avoid the 3 steps of death.
    1. You get scared
    2. If you get scared, You panic.
    3. If you panic, You Die.
    Stay calm.. use your brain.

  5. JD Compton said:

    Float on your back and control your breathing to just shallow breathes, using your own lungs as a means of floatation and kick with legs, can also be done with out use of arms but be safe

  6. Larry Marr said:

    Uh yeah, you won’t last long in this situation. If water don’t get ya initially, it will after you are exhausted doing this for 10 minutes lol

    Learn the dead mans float and do not panic

  7. David Adams said:

    Drown proofing, you can do it in the vertical position as well

  8. Daniel Whiting said:

    There’s a guide to survive drowning from a 50’s cartoon character kidnapping gone wrong that tossed you in the river? OK I’ll bite. Can you show me how to not drown when two guys have your arms hooked with their hands on the back of your head actually drowning you? Because that’s the drowning prevention I’d go to the seals for…

  9. James Kitchen said:

    LMAO Two things. First “The Navy Seals, God bless them, are the men and women…” as of yet their are no female SEALS.

    Two this is dangerous and should only be attempted with a trained instructor. Not a lifeguard but a SEAL, Marine MCIWS, Coast Guard Rescue swimmer. Also this training is manpower intensive. You need at a minimum of a qualified instructor, a certified lifeguard per 2 swimmers, a EMT/Paremedic with defibrillator and close proximity to a emergency room. Folks this is dangerous. I’ve seen healthy fit Marine MCIWS students pulled out of the water and have water pumped out of their lungs. This training is dangerous and could and does go sideways frequently. Stay safe.

  10. James Kitchen said:

    No they didn’t respond privately they reposted the link to this article. LMAO