NASA Wanted to Colonize Mars Using This Building Style. Here Are 7 Compelling Reasons to Build a Home This Way.


Earthbag building is one of the premier technologies for sustainable architecture. We have heard this said time and again. And its popularity makes all kinds of sense when you consider NASA wants to colonize Mars using this building style!

Hey, if we want to build on another planet, a place where the environment is unstable and wholly frightening, using earthbags here on our own planet is probably – and most certainly – a great thing!

Oddly, it does have its distractors but there are just as many people who love the idea and site many reasons why earthbag building is the way of the future!

There are many compelling reasons why you might want to consider earthbags as a way to construct a home and we will give you seven (7) over on the next page!

Our world is changing and it is time for us to keep up with the times! Again, if it’s good enough for Mars it is good enough for Earth!

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  1. Evan Hawk said:

    Um, doesn’t look like a very airtight environment.since we can’t breathe there,idk.