NASA Admits to Spraying Lithium Into Our Atmosphere

airplane lines in the air

New evidence has emerged as of late that NASA sprayed unusual substances into our atmosphere. Officials have told us that the chemicals were “harmless to our environment,” but we're skeptical how these chemicals wouldn't harm humans.

From what we've heard breathing in mind-altering drugs can have serious health ramifications. Too bad this NASA revelation isn't as shocking as similar circumstances have happened before.

For example, on January 25th, 1945 in Grand Rapids, Michigan information was released to the public about how the government added chemicals into the public water supply. You should know that today 61.2% of our United States population depends on public water that has fluoride levels. These levels  exceed the recommended maximum dosage that is safe for consumption. Fluoride isn't a medication, it should be known that it is a toxic waste byproduct.

Exposure to substances like fluoride can cause thyroid issues, kidney problems, and additionally, health issues like bone formation. Plus, it's scary to learn that it can also reduce cognitive abilities.

That's why we aren't really surprised that our government is adding chemicals into our atmosphere. What's even worse is that they are disguising it as medicients. NASA claims the chemicals won't harm us, but let's be real — these chemicals are also used to treat psychiatric patients.

So we'd like to investigate further as to why these chemicals are being released into our air. To learn more about this frightening yet important topic, check out the next page. There's also a video to watch that'll reveal even more about what is really going on.

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  1. Tom Bergstrand said:

    No one can prove anything. Contrails are evident. The “chemtrail” story is flawed. Just because “someone” says that does NOT mean it’s true. Kinda like The Easter Bunny. No one sees it except on The Cadbury Box. Concrete proof wouldn’t hurt if the “chemtrail” people want any kind of recognition. Otherwise it’s just a “conspiracy theory”.

  2. Ron Fredericks said:

    It’s particular obvious when the chemtrails are in a checkerboard pattern!

  3. Cassie Kahn said:

    Was literally just about to say this. Lithium is used in the treatment of bipolar disorder and can be used as a mood stabilizer.

  4. Juan Cruz said:

    I’m just about to make a prediction man kind will eventually disappear from the top of the earth but before they do they will kill anything that may be living on the surface of the whole planet. No way it will be in habitable everything will be too toxic to be in hailed no fresh water no salt water cause it will all be a sludge of pollution & highly poisonous. Eventually causing the end of all life on earth. THE END

  5. Casey Robinson said:

    The conclusion jumped to here is like saying hospitals are irradiating people to give them cancer, when in reality they are xraying broken bones.
    The lithium released was a test to study how certain particles interfere with communications and GPS signals on rockets. It wasn’t an admittance to spaying drugs in the air.

  6. Wagner Gerard said:

    This is exhaust from the jets! This has been going on since the first plane went into the atmosphere! The have pictures of these trails in the late “30’s”!! From the B17 test flights!

  7. Rich Wilson said:

    This has nothing to do with the MUFON organization. So rule ancient aliens out. However, it is part of the group called MORONs.

  8. Layn Westcott said:

    I remember all the comments of tin foil hats when Chemtrails were mentioned…….Sheep will be sheep.

  9. Brian Achenbaugh said:

    Yes and from the 40s on they have been messing with cloud seeding. They openly admit it now, so to continue the contrails are the only thing coming out of planes, is making people look like fools. I digress, in 1990 the USAF started spraying, lithium, strontium, barium and calcium in the stratosphere and magnetosphere. Oh wait there’s more. Harvard has a project called solar shield. They admit to spraying sulfuric acid to block out the sun’s harmful rays, and that they are looking to find another way. The head did an interview with Colbert on his show admitting it. Oh wait, let us not forget the powers that be setting of nukes in the atmosphere just for kicks and giggles.

  10. Anita Nichols said:

    Its disgusting and criminal to dose a whole population with drugs without our consent

  11. Charles Reading said:

    Wonder why the sky never looked like this until the last several years? I’m 51.

  12. Charles Reading said:

    Interesting how the sky will be completely clear some days, despite same temps and humidity, etc. C’mon now people.

  13. Wagner Gerard said:

    Hmmm, do you smoke dope by chance? Or did you take drugs when you was younger?