Mosquito Bites – How to Beat Them Naturally!


Mosquitoes are a scourge for which there are no redeeming values; they are one of those insects on earth that only seem to cause harm and bring nothing positive to the table.

In parts of the world, mosquitoes are deadly carriers of diseases that can, at best, put your life at risk and in worse case scenarios actually kill you. They carry viruses, bacteria and parasites, any of which can infect a person and make them very sick.

Chances are, however, your exposure to mosquitoes will be at worst, an itchy, swollen bite.

When that happens, you basically have two options – treat the bite with man made concoctions or use natural remedies. Man made remedies often contain chemicals most of us do not want to deal with, but natural remedies often are not as effective.

The video on the next page highlights several natural remedies to the annoyance of a mosquito bite that are actually very effective.

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  1. Eric Ortego said:

    Why would you need to treat a mosquito bite? It goes away in a couple hrs…

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