Make This Weighted Monkey Fist Weapon: It Packs A Punch!

This amazing Monkey Fist can literally make a game-changing difference if you find yourself in a survival situation.

A Monkey Fist serves two purposes: Survival and Self-Protection.

It can be used as a very effective sling-shot to take out smaller game as well as a weapon.

As a compliment to your other survival weapons (firearms, knives, etc.,) the Monkey Fist is a vital asset at your disposal if you find yourself needing knock-out power, but not the king that makes a lot of noise (firearm) or requires you to be relatively close to your opposition (knives.)

This particular Monkey Fist is weighted with a pool ball, which gives the Monkey Fist know a hefty six ounces of critical impact-power.

With a little practice, you can master the pool ball Monkey Fist and have greatly increased the effectiveness of your survival arsenal.

Easy-to-follow directions on how to make this awesome weapon are included on page 2!


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  1. Brad J Franklin said:

    A monkey fist is what you use to throw mooring lines from ships to docks…or other ships.

  2. Brad J Franklin said:

    ..or hook it to a key chain and beat someone with it, still not the most dangerous weapon on a keychain…put a key between your fingers make a fist and punch like hell.

  3. JD said:

    Its best to do this with a 1in steel bearing.

  4. Jason Wood said:

    I can’t wait to make one with a baseball and then add nails to it

  5. Tucker Cendana said:

    Be careful, check local and state laws before making. This is called a “blackjack” and is considered a burglars weapon and is banned in a lot of states.

  6. James Sarge Buff said:

    technically it falls under the name of SlungShot due to how its used. secondly as long as the handle part to the monkey fist does not exceed 8″ it is legal. thirdly blackjacks aka slap jacks were widely used by mobsters and law enforcement back in the day.and lastly here is a chart that will give you an idea of how much paracord it will take to wrap balls of many sizes

  7. Tyson Charles said:

    I would like to have a steel cube rather than a ball though.. Not sure if you could find one though

  8. James Sarge Buff said:

    mini pool ball and 3′ leash on one and a .50 cal bullet and roller bearing 3′ leash on the other

  9. James Sarge Buff said:

    depends on size if its no bigger then the mini pool ball you got off me it will be the same price as that one.

  10. James Sarge Buff said:

    pingball size solid steel box on an 7″ leash would be what you will up with for legal carry in IN

  11. J.d. Taylor said:

    Considered a deadly weapon in several locations , this thing could get you justifiably killed.