Low Profile Weaponry: Why it’s Important to Think About Adding to an Existing Arsenal of Weapons

survivor post-collapse

At first glance, you may read this title and think this topic is going to be about how you can discreetly carry a pocket pistol, brass knuckles, and maybe even some switchblades.

Even though these weapons are all excellent for defense (though it’s important to check their legality in each state), the topic we’re going to cover focuses on a different type of “low profile” weapons altogether.

In a world where mass hysteria is taking place due to the threats of the “assault rifle,” which the media has named as public enemy number one, a low profile weapon today is a firearm that won’t be noticed by people.

If you want to be underneath the radar and be a clever “gray man” it’s vital to have a concealed weapon that won’t make you stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s vital to keep yourself on the down-low during any SHTF situation, which means learning how to hide those weapons seamlessly and carefully. Learn how after the break. 

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