Low Profile Weaponry: 3 Types of Weapons to Add to an Existing Arsenal


At first glance, you may have read this title and assumed it was going to be about how to discreetly carry your brass knuckles, pocket pistol, and switchblades.

However, even though all of these weapons work well for defense (though it's important to know whether they're legal depending on the state you live in), the topic we're covering today will focus on a different type of “low profile” weapon altogether.

Since our world gets worked up about the wide-reaching so-called dangers of an “assault rifle,” today a low profile weapon is a firearm that most people won't quickly notice. After all, many consider an “assault rifle” to be public enemy number one, right?

To slip beneath the radar and be a clever “gray man,” it's vital to have a weapon that won't necessarily draw attention.

Find out what you should do to keep yourself on the down-low and what kind of weapons you should consider carrying on the slide after the break.

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  1. Thomas Whitten said:

    Funny you should post this. I’ve been looking at new firearms to repopulate the ones I had to sell. I was thinking about a lever action 30/30 with a scope. Good article!

  2. Terry Pugesek said:

    Skip the bigger bores, had a .45-70, about useless after 70 yards. Stick with the 30-30. Got a Winchester and a Marlin.

  3. Thomas Whitten said:

    That’s exactly what I was looking at. That and the Remmington model 783 bolt action. I was babied by the Rossi I had. Just change the barrel to what you’re hunting for instead of buying 3 different guns.

  4. Mike Hickerson said:

    When you compare a lever action to an AR 15 claiming smaller lighter with the same rate of fire. You make it clear you don’t know$#%&[email protected]*about firearms.

  5. Don Jones said:

    I’m just saying they shot buffalo at 800 yards with old ammo.

  6. Dave Hillier said:

    Great article! I’ve ben wanting to get a lever action rifle for some time now. And Mike Hickerson, not trying to start anything, but I think that you need to reread this article. And there is no need to be cheeky!

  7. Mike Hickerson said:

    I read it again. Although I enjoy this site, the author is clearly inexperienced on this subject.

  8. Dave Hillier said:

    Possibly, I don’t know this guy’s credentials. But I will say that I think that a lever action rifle would be a suitable though lesser alternative to a semi auto should they get banned and snatched.

  9. Mark Garrett Allen said:

    This article states that a lever action Winchester has close to the same rate of fire as an AR15, has the writer ever held a gun, much less fired one? No credibility.

  10. Ken Perry said:

    I need one I love them rifles , aren’t they called repeating rifles ? Remember the rifleman , and Anthony can you tell mikie I said what’s up and call me like once in a lifetime I miss that dude we were good friends and I hope he is well ..he is a good man

  11. Billy Twowolf Hall said:

    The point is not to be a threat or target.
    I see you with old shotgun were talk and shoot the bull.
    I see you with an ar and my pistol us goung my jacjet pocket cicked and finger in the trigger
    Just a fact if life.
    In tge same since you got a beat uo old gun ni ine wants.you git shinny new ar and someones gonna take it

  12. Richard White said:

    The only thing wrong with the marlin guns are that they are old and very hard to find and even harder to find parts .I had to get rid of 2 rifles because I could not get parts to fix them.

  13. Dave Tyree said:

    Another that I would personally add, that most don’t think of, is a good, quality air rifle. Although they do not have the distance nor the knock-down of a real rifle, at a relatively close range, they are extremely accurate, lightning fast, Super Quiet and do pack enough of a punch to make an Aggressor think twice about advancing their position.

  14. Kale Fast said:

    Compares everything to an AR15 and says a pump action shotgun shoots 30-06 …

  15. Dave Tyree said:

    Ever been hit with a bb? They FLAT HURT.
    These new high powered pellet guns far surpass the power of the bb guns of when I was a teen (70’s-80’s). I would NOT want to be on the down range end of these new guns!

  16. Scott Ransbottom said:

    I bought a box of 5000 pellets for my air rifle, which shoots at 1280fps, for 25 bucks. I have over 20,000 rounds just for my backup survival weapon

  17. Joe Fighera said:

    You do know Marlin is still in production right?I just bought a 336 2 years ago,great gun!

  18. Dave Tyree said:

    As a teen that’s primarily all I used on squirrel and rabbit (a Daisy BB gun) and I Never walked away empty-handed.

  19. Richard White said:

    Ya the lever actions are a great gun but I was talking about the 9m and the 45 semi autos.and since remington bought marlin they have been using plastic parts in the lever actions making them jam up.dont get me wrong I still own a lot of marlin levers they are a great gun.

  20. Jack Hogan said:

    I have all of these including the ar-15 it says there all better than. So thumbs up for me.

  21. Jacob Prescott said:

    Do you not know the difference between shotguns and rifles? There’s a pretty obvious reason that they do not share the same name.

  22. Matthew Howe said:

    Sometimes. You need the intimidation factor. The thing is when to know to use it.