Low Profile Weaponry: 3 Types of Weapons Everyone Should Add to Their Existing Arsenal


You may be checking out this title and thinking it's going to be about how to discreetly carry switchblades, brass knuckles, and a pocket pistol.

While all are great weapons to carry for defense (though their legality depending where you're at is often questionable), the topic we're about to discuss will focus on a different type of “low profile” weapon altogether.

In a world of mass hysteria of the wide-reaching so-called dangers of the “assault rifle,” which is considered by many as the public enemy number one, today a low profile weapon is a firearm that slips by most people.

In order to slip beneath the radar and be a “gray man,” you'll need a weapon that won't necessarily draw a lot of attention.

To find out what you can do to keep yourself armed on the down-low, check out the following slides after the break. 

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  1. Frederic Petit said:

    At 3:00 AM you can make the difference in your arsenal and choose the right one before it’s too late ???

  2. Kenny Perry said:

    Sorry I’m not going to read one page and then click onward to the next page !! I’ll take my 30-30 any day .

  3. John Thompson said:

    I’m not gonna give up 30 rounds x6 to fly under the radar with 7 or 8 rounds and then have a slow reload.

  4. Josey Wales said:

    Everyone has an AR or AK style rifle. Or something else assaulty, like an M1A or G3 etc…

    They’re all so ubiquitous, that they aren’t suspicious anymore. Whoever wrote this doesn’t know much

  5. Michael Bandeko said:

    This argument has been around for as long as firearms. Choose what your comfortable with then practice, practice practice!