Low Profile Weaponry: 3 Kinds of Weapons People Should Add to an Existing Arsenal


At first glance, you may skim over the title and assume it is going to be about discreetly carrying brass knuckles, a pocket pistol, and switchblades.

However, even though all of these weapons work well for defense (though it's important to note whether these weapons are legal depending on the state you live in), the topic we'll be covering today will focus on a different kind of weapon altogether.

Since our world gets worked up considering the wide-reaching and so-called dangers from an “assault rifle,” it's common that a low profile weapon is considered a threat that many people won't notice right away. Besides, many consider an “assault rifle” to be public enemy number one, right?

To fly under the radar and to always be a smart “gray man” it's important to have a weapon that won't draw a lot of attention.

Discover what the best method is to stay on the down-low and what type of weapons a person should consider carrying on the slide on the next page. 

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  1. Joseph Young said:

    7.62 is definitely superior to the .223 at ranges of 400 yards or less

  2. Chris Webb said:

    and 400 yards or LESS?! TF are you talking about man, they both do 400 yards with little to no drop? Do you mean energy? Yes the 30-6 is bigger, better for big game, just target shooting though? Give me the 223 all day.

  3. Dan Fraser said:

    In my area of the world 30-30 is king. It is the most available ammo, to not have a 30-30 is to not survive.

  4. Tony Barone said:

    Pump action I like. The other two, no thanks. If I need to carry around my AR15 I’m not going to be worried about politics and sensitivity. In the meantime, I have no idea where my AR15 went. Must of gotten stolen.

  5. Chuck Thomas said:

    Lever and pump have 1 huge advantage in that you can “top off” ammo with out removing the magazine which then leaves you weaponless for the reload time

  6. Mark Reitzel said:

    This was pretty dumb… seems like the author has little to no knowledge of firearms.

  7. Michael Joseph said:

    Yea pretty dumb I get the point he was trying to make just seemed to put no effort into explaining anything or giving actual reasons for his choices. Which if his only reason for doing this to focus on guns that won’t be banned than a 12 year old in hunters safety could do the same thing

  8. Marc Whitney said:

    Clearly little knowledge of firearms and their use. Further in a shtf situation anyone who is going to survive is armed. And if they have a brain will be very careful about who they allow to even see them.