Lost During a Collapse? Learn How to Make Aspirin From a Willow Tree:

cutting a square out of a willow tree

In a bug out situation, or even just camping out in the wilderness for awhile, you may not be able to bring all of the medicine you wish you could.

Even if you do manage to bring some pills with you, circumstances may be that you run out of your medicine until the end of your outing. Usually, this would mean that you would just have to suffer through the discomfort of going without.

If you have knowledge of herbal remedies, however, you may be able to whip up something that's just as effective as any pill you would buy over the counter.

If you are suffering from aches and pains associated with fatigued muscles or you have a headache or some other form of inflammation, you normally would pop a couple of aspirin. In the event you don't have any, just look for a willow tree.

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    I swear I heard from somewhere else that you peel the white stuff under the bark on a pine tree, if this is a pine tree I’m leaving the page lol

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