Learn to Walk Like a Fox in the Woods to Remain Undetected

walk silently in woods

Walking through a forest or brush while bugging out can be challenging, especially if you're trying to stay quiet.

While hunting keeping quiet is essential; next to their powerful sense of smell, most animals also have very good hearing.


Staying quiet during a survival moment is also vital; if we are trying to navigate through an area without being noticed all it takes is accidentally breaking a branch or kicking a rock and all of a sudden you're not so quiet anymore.

There is a way to stay undetected while walking through the forest and that is to mimic the fox. If you've ever observed a fox while they are hunting they you likely noticed that he was very deliberate and slow while he tried to reach his goal.

Luckily with practice, you too can learn how to walk like a fox and stay hidden during that pivotal moment.

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