Learn These First Aid Tactics For Survival And Stop Bleeding Before It Stops You


When you or someone you are with are bleeding profusely, time is of the essence in terms of stemming and stopping the bleeding.

By using pressure points, located throughout the body, you can thwart and even stop bleeding before the situation becomes acute.

Neck and Head

There are pressure points atop the temples, along the neck, below the jaw and on top of the shoulders, about a third of the way down from the neck. Blood flow from head or neck wounds tends to be greater than what is experienced at other locations on the body.

Never pinch both sides of the head, neck or shoulders at the same time or you can restrict blood flow to the area and deprive the brain of oxygen.

Arms and Hands

You always want to apply firm and direct pressure on points that are situated above the location of the wound site in this area. Start with the one that is nearest to the wound before moving upward if necessary. The points are located under the biceps, atop the fleshy part of the elbow and the underside of the wrist.

Thighs, Legs and Feet

You want to take a fabric or gauze pad and press down firmly on the area until the flow of blood diminishes at the wound site. You can also elevate the extremity as a way to support minimizing blood flow and to hasten clotting.
Blood flow from wounds in the lower leg or feet can be controlled by pressing firmly on the fleshy part behind the knee or at the front and back of the ankles. Place your hand around the ankle and squeeze firmly. You also want to wrap your hand behind the knee and pull the flesh tightly to constrict the flow of blood through the area.

A profusely bleeding wound poses a severe life risk.

The quicker you can stem the bleeding or even stop it, the better off the wounded person will be. You should seek medical attention immediately, but these are some ways of making sure the wounded does not bleed out so it is critical you know the pressure point and how to use them.

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