Learn How to Master These 4 Incredible DIY Native American Shelters



When we think of Native Americans and shelters we instantly think of the Tepee or the Wigwam and that is not being insensitive. The American Indians really did use those famous shelters and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. They were wonderful feats of engineering and imagination!

Yet, amongst those were other great shelters our American natives constructed; homes that served them well in the heat and cold. We may never completely know the debt we owe these great people but we do know, when it comes to living off the land, that they are a people to emulate.

Over on the next page, we have four terrific homes originated by our Native Americans.

They are impressive and very sturdy shelters that have been copied by many survival experts, including Survival Lilly. Go take a look and tell us, have you ever built one of these?

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