Learn About a Wind-Powered Device That Pulls Up to 10 Gallons of Pure Drinking Daily… From Thin Air


Honestly, we do not know what the future will bring. We have our suspicions, we act on what we have read, heard from others, and what we have surmised under the current political climate. We don’t want to think about what could happen but many of us are well prepared for it should the SHTF.

Along with our bug-out bags, good health, and shelters, we are faced with hardships that only a few who are aware may survive. Wherever that threat comes from it would serve us well to have a heads-up on the situation.

A bad case scenario here: If someone really wants to hit us where we live all they would need to do is destroy our water supply. Everyone needs water! However, there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel. Water, that all important and much-desired liquid, does not have to be our downfall. We can live only a week without food but as long as we are hydrated we can manage longer with all powerful water!

Now, what if we have a device that is wind-powered and pulls up ten gallons of pure drinking water daily? Talk about your awesome survival tools!

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  1. Antonio Villicana said:

    Question will it effect the water system if millions of thies are in use ( less rain ) ?

  2. Justin Cason said:

    *terms and conditions apply, only available in areas with both steady wind and high water table, no it will not work where you need it to, yes you will end up strapping a board to it and walking in circles like Conan

  3. Alan Roberts said:

    Danielle Haynes this is cool, if the air is clean anought to make good water from now

  4. Buck Owens said:

    need a hundered of them per acre in the south you will drowned breathing its air so humid