Learn a Brilliant and Easy Way to Make a Waterproof Spice Kit for Bugging Out

waterproof spice kit

Just because you're out camping or bugging out in the middle of a remote area doesn't mean you can't enjoy living a little. The one thing you can do to really make your outdoor experience more enjoyable is to pack foods you love.

We're about to show you how to take it a step further by creating a waterproof spice kit that is sure to make your mealtimes a little more flavorable.

To make this kit, all you need is an empty mint tin, a handful of clear straws, and your favorite spices. It's easy to make this kit and you may want to make several spice tins for everyone in your family.

Be sure to include a mix of varying spices from sweet to savory to ensure you can make a wide range of delicious eats.

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  1. Chris Bell said:

    In a survival situation, spices would be the least of my concern

  2. Skott Lyons said:

    exactly what i was thinking CHRIS .$#%&!@*that i WANT FOOD DAMN THIS HAS GOT TO BE A YOUNGER GEN THING