Know Your Camouflage Basics and Concealment


Camouflage is a gift that allows animals, plants, people, fish, you name it, to avoid predators.

The better you blend in with your surroundings and the harder it is to spot you, the greater your chances are of going undetected. You will also have a better chance at remaining remain safe.

In a life of death situation, mastering camouflage can literally make the difference between making it or not.

The more you blend in, the greater your chances are of making it.

Successful camouflage does not have to be elaborate, though.

Understanding how natural “baseline” works and how to exploit it, is key to making sure you can remain “secret” no matter your surroundings.

On the next page, a video explains natural baseline and how to use it as well as what you need to consider when applying camouflage.

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