Keep Ticks Away When it Starts Heating Up by Putting Together These Easy to Make Tick Tubes

fill tick tube

Summer is practically here and along with that comes ticks! Yes, those pesky things are bound to take over your campground or home.

What can you do to combat them? This DIY hack will change your world, especially if you've been coming home with ticks on your dog as of late. It's easy to encounter them depending on where you and your pooch bug out, so it's best to be safe instead of sorry.

With just a few supplies that aren't hard to find, you'll create a perfect tick trap. It sounds almost too good to be true, but trust us, this hack will do the trick.

Be truly prepared for the summer heat by using these tick tubes to protect yourself and your home.

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  1. Dave Allan said:

    Totally worth a try if we’re gonna be in that spot for a while. Anything that prevents me from being eaten alive is….

  2. Ed Hull said:

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