Keep Ticks Away This Summer by Putting Together These Easy to Make Tick Tubes

fill tick tube


We hate ticks with a passion. They have no remorse. They will suck the blood out of animals and humans alike.

If we did have any respect for the little annoying pests it would only be in the way they are so prolific and can appear out of nowhere. How often have we gone out with our dog, watched him like a hawk, then that evening discover him with at least two ticks embedded into his skin? How did that happen? We saw nothing!

We know many might brush them off, thinking ticks are the least of your worries when it comes time to bug-out or face any kind of a SHTF scenario, but they are more dangerous than you might think. Remember, lime disease comes from ticks and probably more things than we are as yet unaware of.

We’ve seen some videos on how to get rid of ticks once they’ve bitten down and start to make a snack out of you and yours but only a few really show us how to prevent ticks in the first place.

The preventative on the next page looks like the best of these. Not only is it effective but it is also environmentally sound. Go over and take a look!

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  1. Stephanie Bogan said:

    Instead of playing with poisons, you could just get Guinea fowl –
    They love to eat ticks, lay wonderful eggs, and taste like pheasant

  2. Steven LaRose said:

    Wild onions work great against Mosquitoes and ticks.. Just rub the green tops all your skin…. Mint and lemon balm work great also but are hard to find in the wild… Any Citrus peel works… But the best way I have found is to add a little Brewers yeast to your Diet. All of these will work great and they are all natural

  3. Brett Novy said:

    Tammy Smith-Novy, Diane Duvall Vinoski. You can get rid of the ticks in your yard

  4. John Reif said:

    Yeah, I do with Brewer’s Yeast every day with the meals.