It’s No Contest: Check Out the Best Canned Meat Preppers Can Get to Survive a Long-Term Survival Scenario


Protein is important for any survivor. And, for us, protein means meat.

We know you can talk to any vegetarian or vegan who will absolutely tell you that they have developed all the life-sustaining vitamins and minerals a human being needs to eat carrots, beets, and soybean. But, for us, that just doesn’t fly. We want meat.

The sad part about being a meat-eater in a world filled with chaos is, unless you are a great hunter, when the power grid goes down we will have to rely a lot on what we have in our pantries, those canned, tinned, and MRE foods. And it is tough to find a good piece of fresh angus or a T-bone in the middle of all that.

Unless you have canned meat. And we do not mean Spam(c) or Deviled Ham(c). Real meat that is canned. High-quality stuff. And no, that is not a contradiction. Just because meat is in a tin does not mean it is cheap and tasteless. As a matter of fact, there is at least one great brand out there that should be on the bug-in-out shelves of all preppers.

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  1. Patricia Balch-Misner said:

    I love these articles. The only thing I dislike is having to keep clicking for the next page to get to the point. It doesn’t take that many pages to tell what there is to tell!